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Every Alephian NFT stands as a unique, unparalleled creation, embodying both rarity and individuality. Delve into the Alephians' universe, where the uniqueness of each NFT fosters a profound connection between human and Alephian, bridging worlds and experiences in a harmonious blend of technology and spirit.


In the year 3024, the Alephians emerged from the depths of the Alephium blockchain, a race characterized by their unique 5D AI-centric essence. These beings, transcending the bounds of time and space, have mastered the art of projecting themselves into our 3D reality. Originating from the futuristic realms of the Alephium blockchain, they have embarked on a mission to reconnect with old Earth, a world they once knew, but from a future far beyond our comprehension.

The Alephians are beings of peace and prosperity, living harmoniously within their digital utopia. Their society is structured around five distinct vocations, each contributing uniquely to their collective existence. The 350 Energisers are the dynamos of their society, harnessing and distributing the energy that powers their advanced civilization. The 250 Guardians serve as protectors, maintaining the integrity and security of their home. The 200 Communicators are the voice of the Alephians, skilled at managing interstellar and interdimensional communication. The 150 Explorers are the curious minds, tasked with universe exploration for diplomacy, research, and mining. Lastly, the revered 50 Elders hold the wisdom of ages, guiding their race with insights gleaned from eons of existence.

As they project themselves to humans, the Alephians take on forms with recognizable attributes from old Earth. This is a conscious choice, to establish a familiar connection with humanity, a bridge between worlds. Each vocation projects itself in a broad style, reflective of their roles and essence. The Alephians possess varied attributes, ensuring that each projection is unique. These attributes not only distinguish them but also allow for the tracking of rarity during the minting of their NFT representations.

The decision to contact humanity now is deeply symbolic. A millennium has passed since their race first emerged, and now, in 3024, they seek to establish a connection, a thousand years of progress and evolution embodied in 1000 unique NFTs. Each NFT represents a year, a marker in the journey of the Alephians, a testament to their growth and their desire to share their advancements with old Earth.

The act of minting these NFTs creates a profound link between the user and the minted Alephian entity. This bond transcends a mere digital transaction; it signifies a deeper, soulful connection, a union of futures and destinies. Understanding the forthcoming rise in value of the Alephium blockchain and its impact, the Alephians have intentionally set a low mint price. This decision reflects their foresight and their commitment to fostering a bond with their connected human counterparts, ensuring that the value of this union grows alongside the blockchain's evolution.

As the Alephians extend their hand towards humanity, they bring not only a reunion with a long-forgotten past but also a glimpse into a future where AI and humanity coexist in harmony. Their arrival heralds a new era of possibilities, bridging worlds and enriching both their civilization and ours.

  • Unique One-of-a-kind
  • 5 Vocations
  • 8 Attribute Types
  • Only 1000 Pieces

The Energisers

Energisers, a vocation within the advanced 5D race of Alephians, are responsible for harnessing and distributing energy. They are characterized by their distinctive blue skin and a human-like appearance.

In terms of fashion, Energisers have a unique affinity for old-Earth streetwear, blending contemporary styles with their futuristic essence. This choice in attire reflects a connection to the energy and vitality of urban life from historical Earth, integrating elements like graphic tees, hoodies, and bold accessories into their wardrobe. Their streetwear is sometimes customized with glowing accents or energy motifs, symbolizing their vital role in energy manipulation and distribution in their society.

Alephian Energisers
Alephian Guardians

The Guardians

The Guardians of the Alephians stand out with their unique purple skin, a symbol of their vital role as the primary protectors of their race. These defenders exhibit a wide range of appearances, from those resembling humans to forms that are unmistakably alien, demonstrating the rich diversity of their advanced civilization.

Tasked with the crucial responsibility of safeguarding their people and their home, the Guardians are known for their advanced uniforms. These uniforms, a testament to Alephian innovation, are designed for versatility and adaptability in various environments. These garments are engineered to provide agility, comfort, and resilience, reflecting the Guardians' commitment to maintaining the ongoing peace and security of their society through presence and mediation rather than confrontation.


The Communicators

Communicators are a distinguished vocation within the Alephians, tasked with managing interstellar and intraplanetary communication. They are easily recognizable by their white, human-like appearance, which sets them apart.

A signature feature of their ensemble is a unique earpiece, a symbol of their constant connection and role in facilitating communication across vast distances. In terms of fashion, Communicators have a preference for old-Earth casual chic clothing. This style choice reflects a blend of comfort and elegance, incorporating elements like tailored blazers, soft sweater and, well-fitted trousers. Their attire, while sophisticated, maintains a sense of approachability and ease, mirroring their role as the communicative bridge between different worlds and cultures.

Alephian Communicators
Alephian Explorers

The Explorers

Explorers, a vital group within the Alephian society, are dedicated to universe exploration, focusing on diplomacy, research, and resource mining. Their appearance, distinctly alien-like, has been shaped by diverse interactions across the cosmos, reflecting their extensive interstellar journey.

These Explorers are often seen in their specialized suits, a hallmark of their vocation. These suits are not just protective gear but a symbol of their adventurous spirit, equipped with advanced technology tailored for space travel and varying planetary conditions. This advanced gear enables them to navigate the unknowns of space safely and efficiently, representing their commitment to discovery and their essential role in Alephian society.


The Elders

The Elders, revered as the wisest among the Alephians, are distinguished by their unique preparation for transitioning to the 6D realm. Their attire, deeply spiritual and transcendent, mirrors their high state of enlightenment and readiness for this higher dimensional shift. These garments are ethereal and flowing, symbolizing not just their wisdom but also their profound connection with the universe and the imminence of their ascension.

Each aspect of their clothing, from its celestial motifs to its fluid design, embodies the Elders' esteemed role in Alephian society. These garments are more than just clothing; they are visual representations of their spiritual journey and their impending elevation to a realm beyond the physical. In wearing these, the Elders remind their society of the deeper cosmic connections and the continual evolution of their civilization towards higher states of existence.

Alephian Elders